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Hi, I’m Bill Rodella. I’m an award-winning graphic designer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m into all things technology, art, and science. Technology and art were staples of my childhood. Imagining and creating new ideas has always excited me, and continues to spark creativity in my career. There’s always a new problem that can be understood or solved with thoughtful visual design. Thoughtful visual design changes lives and leaves good impressions, along with sparking emotional connections.

To get to these positive outcomes one must follow the creative process. I’m a big fan of design thinking and have seen the incredible results that have arose from this process. I thrive on collaboration and hard-hitting critique. Without the creative process we would not have the capability to take on many modern obstacles.

Thanks for viewing my portfolio and taking the time to see some of my recent and past work. If you like what you see, feel free to contact me using the form below. If you want to connect further, you can also find me on LinkedIn and Behance.


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