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Anthropocene Conference Identity

The Anthropocene is the current geological era in which humans are making a profound impact on the geological strata. While the term itself is still being debated by geologists, the museum is embracing it as a social and cultural tool for exploring the broad sum effect humans are having on the planet.

In October 2017, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History hosted the annual International Committee for Museums and Collections of Natural History conference entitled Anthropocene: Natural History Museums in the Age of Humanity. The international conference hosted delegates from over 40 countries and revolved around the introduction of the first exhibition in North America to focus on the new geological age.

Project components included general branding, wayfinding, environmental graphics, complete program folder, digital signage, and website design consultation.

Building a Visual Identity

The conference required a complete identity expressing the complex topic of the anthropocene. It had to be contemporary enough to appeal to not just the attending scientific community, but also the general public.

In nature textures tend to repeat. In this identity, the background image, appearing as an ocean, is actually the texture of a human iris. Layered on top of this are more literal figures showcasing human-created pollution.